Eden Prairie News Mayoral Vision Commentary

get more Published in the November 1, 2018 Edition  www.edenprairienews.com

http://ligaspanyol.net/?mikroskop=annonce-rencontre-femme-maroc&656=53 I hope to earn your vote to become your strongest advocate as Mayor, to keep Eden Prairie Number One.  For the past 14 years as your Council member, I’ve earned your trust by respectfully and inclusively working together to improve services cost-effectively which made us award-winning.  At the local level, the goal and mandate from residents is to continue this work as Mayor, to lead us to a vibrant future!

http://inspirationbygod.net/firet/3125 Keeping our homes, schools and community safe is paramount.  Keeping property values high by making smart investments in our security, infrastructure, services, water, sewer, streets, parks, trails, athletic facilities and amenities, and using resources strategically to keep property taxes low, is critical to our future success.

their explanation As Mayor, you are my priority!  Working with our outstanding staff, residents, schools, organizations and businesses, we will meet all new challenges in a balanced way, and make smart, long-range plans to ensure our city’s outstanding future.  Our excellent core services must be maintained and continuously improved.  We will address housing needs for all life-phases; promote a healthy business environment that creates great jobs; maintain our AAA bond rating through sound fiscal management; champion clean energy-efficiency goals; protect open, green spaces and other precious resources; and control spending.

straight to the point dating site Early in my career as an engineer, I developed a proven, inclusive, collaborative leadership style, without grandstanding, that focuses on creating solutions.  I have testified before the Minnesota legislature more than any other councilmember on behalf of EP, and work with other cities, county, state and federal officials to get things done.  I chair the SW Transit Commission, I-494 Corridor Commission, and Joint Airport Zoning Board.  These relationships and unique experiences are invaluable to being an effective Mayor.

mickey and minnie mouse dating One major change coming to EP is SWLRT.  As Mayor, I will ensure that disruption to traffic flows, residents and businesses will be minimized during and after the construction phase.  I was disappointed that we, as a city, were not given a voice or choice about the $2 Billion SWLRT, because most prefer to invest in fast and flexible public transit options that use state-of-the-art technologies, rather than 100-year old trains that are static, slow and expensive.  Few will choose a 47+ minute train ride with 16 intermediate stops to commute downtown, over our 20 minute, non-stop bus service.  The only option given to us, however, was the route, and I worked strategically with businesses, residents and the Met Council to change the initial plan that had SWLRT going through residential areas; it will now service our business districts.

local dating site in new mexico usa Other issues, and my vision and goals as Mayor for Eden Prairie, are on my website at www.bradaho.com.

site de rencontre femme plus agée On a personal note, in 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer and was told during my first visit to Mayo that I had two weeks to live.  The good news is, that it qualified me for leading-edge (untried/unapproved) treatments.  Bev and I moved to Mayo for the month of December and literally received a Christmas miracle.  (That was the only council meeting I had missed since my election in 2004.)

I am cancer-free, and those new treatments are leading to new technologies and treatments for others.  Thank you all, for your prayers and support!

Facing death head-on sparked an immeasurable passion for life; I love this community, and my desire and vision is to serve you as Mayor, leading us to vibrant future.

Thank you all for sharing your views with me during this challenging campaign season.  Please continue to do so and I look forward to continuing our work together!  I again humbly ask for your vote for mayor.

Economic Development for Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie Monument Sign

Here are few of the exciting Economic Development projects coming to Eden Prairie in the next year or two:

  • City Entry Monument Signs
  • Prairie Center Drive Bridge Improvements
  • Taprooms & Cocktail Rooms
  • Area Studies – Neighborhood, Commercial, Industrial
  • Sears Redevelopment
  • Singletree Streetscape/Water Quality
  • Major Center Area Mixed Use Redevelopment